Spinach-artichoke ravioli

Saffron Farfalle

Truffle-hazelnut tortellini

Torta di pasta (layered pasta salad cake)

Chive blossom fettucine

Polpette alla Toscana

Roasted red pepper pesto

Snow crab-grilled corn ravioli

Lobster-crab ravioli

Charred ramp-ricotta culurgiones with 

saffron-infused pasta

Hand-rolled Pici

Langostino-crab Ravioli Neri

Provencal carrot tortellini

Sample Lunch Menu

We offer a rotating menu that changes from week-to-week so this example menu may not be up to date. For the most up to date info/menu, follow us on social media 

1916 Park Ave in Lafayette Square


handmade pasta

​& sauces

Contact us:
vicinipastaria@gmail.com, 314-827-6150
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